Because every business needs to be represented on the Internet!  Just like we all had to have a Yellow Page Ad in the local phonebook.

  • Problem is: who can afford an expensive website?
  • Do some research; you will find the cheapest site is over $1000 IF the designer uses a template of some sort.
  • My custom sites typically run between $1200 and $2400 without an ecommerce component! That’s because I’m semi-retired and don’t need a bucket of money to survive.
  • So, I figured out how to make a custom website for $250 and still make a few dollars.

Here are a couple of the $250 sites. Click the image to see the live version.

Here is a site for a local Carpet Cleaning Company. They wanted a simple site that looked good and talked about their company.
Here is a site for a local artist - she wanted to show off her art work and also link to her ETSY store. Works just fine!

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